Like you, I am a person with a passion. I came to this country as a young boy with my hardworking Mexican parents, who waited their turn for the golden ticket of American liberty. From there, I grew my roots in Northern California, raising three patriots who have served our country, and served their communities. From my days as the leading insurance salesman on the West Coast, to my struggles as an entrepreneur in search of my own American Dream, to finally realizing that our duty as patriots is to fight for liberty, life led me to cannabis, to growers, to veterans, and now, to protection. As the Founder of White Eagle, I am committed to growing solutions and cultivating freedoms.

When you act on your vision, you create a future.

Cannabis. Growth. Green.

I wrote a book about how I arrived in the land of opportunity and how I let my dreams become my reality.

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"I came to serve. The land called to me – to raise patriotic servants of this  nation, to help others realize their own potential, and to follow in the footsteps  of my brave ancestors, who loved the notion of this land far before I ever set foot on it. After 55 years in the United States, I was no longer a foreigner. I was home"

- Frank Galvan

Building Upon Giants
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Supporting Reforms

By exercising our rights and holding our leaders accountable, we fight for freedom of opportunity.

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Together we are stronger. Together we are wiser. Together, we change our future. Join us.

A New Future

Coming together to turn our dreams into our realities is the mindset that our Founding Fathers used to build our land.

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A new way of protection. A brighter vision for a better tomorrow. The wings to help you soar. Welcome to the White Eagle World.

Grateful for my Past
Thankful for the Future.