A new book designed to allow everyone to learn, grow, and soar.


“I have understood this, that the only thing we’re guaranteed in this life are trials and tribulations, and I have certainly lived through those! I didn’t expect to become good friends, and later best friends with Murphy. Little did I know that his last name was Law: MURPHY’S LAW. It seemed that throughout my life, I went to hell and back, and sometimes, it felt like I essentially stared Satan in the face.I, like so many, faced almost insurmountable battles. But, I fought against them with every tool I picked up in the journey of my life.  My options in life, as I learned the hard way, were either bow and submit to him or kick him where it hurts, and crawl my way out!I chose the latter.Life is hard, and it’s not fair.Either we prepare and fight the good fight, or we fall, and submit.The choice is yours."
A Note from the Author

- Frank Galvan

Writing the Words of a New Generation

Your Dreams and
Destiny Awaits You!

Red, White, and Green isn't just a book, it is testament to the belief that no matter where you come from, the American Dream is within reach, with grit, ingenuity, and faith in yourself.

Important Themes
Impactful Narratives

The American Dream is Within Reach

And opportunity is only accessed through hard work and a vision.

Tenacity and Courage are Required

In yourself, in your community, and in your path.

New Ideas Always Require Great Effort

Poverty isn't a place, it is a shift - and through ingenuity and grit, we can overcome it.

We Can All Soar -
When We Free Ourselves

When you create a ladder to vision, you learn that soaring to your future is in your power.


Through my years as an immigrant from Mexico, to my life as a proud and patriotic American, I have learned that only through creative courage does life offer itself to us. At the core of this belief is the belief that success only follows vision, and courage creates conviction.

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The roadmap to success is not black and white. It is not written in stone and it may vary from person to person. But one thing is for certain - there will be one million things in your way; things that you could never have predicted. And you will be faced with a choice - face them head-on or give up.

Overcome. Adapt. Dream.

What most people need to succeed is the right motivation. Yes, life is that easy. Being successful is not rocket science - all you have to do is make up your mind, and immerse yourself. Success, like my parents, showed me that life isn’t about how little you have to work with, it is about how much you want it to work. It’s all about choices. And true wealth is the freedom to be what you want to be. That’s how my American story started, in the dusty roads of Mexico.


“In 1962 my life changed when we immigrated to America. I share my story not so you’ll feel sorry for me. I feel if you understand where I came from, you’ll realize if I can make it, so can you. See, I am convinced that my poor upbringing was a blessing. Starting from the bottom I had nowhere to go but up - anything was an improvement.”

- Frank Galvan

Don't be afraid, step up to the plate, get out of your comfort zone, go where there is no competition.